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EI5725 low frequency transformer

EI5725 low frequency transformer

Product Details

The low-frequency transformer adopts high efficiency, low loss and environmental protection circuit design; it has over-voltage protection and overload protection. The product is beautiful and elegant, the shell is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant, ultrasonic welding is used, the use is safe and reliable; the output interference is very small, the output voltage is stable, and the service life of the external electrical appliance can be better extended。

Technical indicators:

Input rated voltage: single phase 220VAC

Working frequency: 50HZ

Output voltage: 12VAC

Output current: Power: 8W

Specifications: EI41*26 Weight: g

Efficiency: ≥98%

Temperature rise: <85 °="">

Waveform distortion: <>

Insulation strength: 2000V, no breakdown for 1 minute

Insulation resistance: winding resistance to ground insulation resistance single phase ≥ 2。2MΩ

As we all know, the low-frequency transformer should not be used at a minimum temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius。 Just like humans, these two extreme temperatures are the bottom line we touch, so we must It is good to control the temperature。 The relative humidity of the surrounding air is also less than or equal to eighty-five percent。 Do not exceed this amount。 Do you know? Although it is not more than 40 degrees, under such conditions, the low-frequency transformer It is the best。

Dongguan Donggang Electronics Co。, Ltd。 was established in 2009 and is an audio transformer manufacturer。 The main production: high-frequency transformers, audio transformers, magnetic ring coils. The company's production scale, full range, fast delivery, quality assurance and thoughtful service, welcome your inquiries!

Output power (VA) model Dimensions (L*H*W) Insulation grade
EI-28 28*27*35 B
1.2-3.0VA EI-35 35*30*35 B
3.0-10VA EI-41 41*35*48 B
10-20VA EI-48 48*40*35 B
20-50VA EI-57 57*50*65 B
50-80VA EI-66 66*57*80 B
80-100VA EI-76 76*65*85 B
100-150VA EI-86 86*72*88 B
120-220VA EI-96 96*82*100 B
220-400VA EI-114 114*97*130 B
400-600VA EI-133 133*112*140 B


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