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ER3542 high frequency transformer

ER3542 high frequency transformer

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The high-frequency transformer is a power transformer with a working frequency exceeding the intermediate frequency (10 kHz). It is mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply transformers in high-frequency switching power supplies, and also for high-frequency inverters in high-frequency inverter power supplies and high-frequency inverter welding machines. Variable power transformer. According to the working frequency, it can be divided into several grades: 10kHz- 50kHz, 50kHz-100kHz, 100kHz~500kHz, 500kHz~1MHz, 1MHz or above。
The high frequency transformer is the most important part of the switching power supply. The switching power supply generally adopts a half-bridge power conversion circuit. When working, two switching transistors are turned on to generate a high-frequency pulse wave of 100 kHz, and then stepped down by a high-frequency transformer to output a low-voltage alternating current, and each winding coil of the high-frequency transformer. The ratio of the turns determines the amount of output voltage. The most prominent of the typical half-bridge transformer circuits are three high-frequency transformers: the main transformer, the drive transformer, and the auxiliary transformer (standby transformer). Each transformer has its own measurement standard in the national regulations, such as the main transformer. As long as it is more than 200W, its core diameter (height) must not be less than 35mm. The auxiliary transformer, when the power of the power does not exceed 300W, its core diameter is 16mm。

The winding arrangement of high frequency transformer manufacturers is:

1 If the original winding voltage is high and the secondary winding voltage is low, the secondary winding can be used close to the magnetic core, and then the feedback winding is wound, and the original winding is arranged in the outermost winding, which is beneficial to the insulation arrangement of the original winding to the magnetic core;

2 If you want to increase the coupling between the primary and secondary windings, you can use half of the original winding close to the core, then around the feedback winding and the secondary winding, and the outermost layer is wound around the winding of the original winding, which helps to reduce the leakage inductance.

In addition, when the primary winding is a high voltage winding, the number of turns should not be too small, otherwise, the voltage difference between turns or between layers will cause a local short circuit。

For insulation arrangements, first note that the level of insulation used for the magnet wire and insulation is to match the allowable operating temperature of the core and winding. The low level can not meet the heat resistance requirements, and the level is too high, which will increase the unnecessary material cost. Secondly, it is preferable to use a coil bobbin for the coil wound on the cylindrical magnetic circuit, which can ensure insulation and simplify the winding process. In addition, the outermost layer and the innermost layer of the coil, and the insulation between the high voltage and low voltage windings. If the insulation is only padded with an insulating film, the reinforced insulation should be padded with 2 to 3 layers of insulating film.

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