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EC4045 high frequency transformer

EC4045 high frequency transformer

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In the production of high-frequency transformers, we must first consider: the width, the winding point, the wire diameter, the good cooperation between the three, can effectively reduce the leakage inductance, in the double-wire, three-wire and multi-wire When winding, the selection of the casing is also crucial. The line is flat and can be wound around a circle.

1。 In the process of winding the high-frequency transformer manufacturer, its 'winding point' and 'width' are especially important。 When setting these two items, please note that the position of 'winding point' must be close to the skeleton。 The position of the line area 2 mm can not be close to the skeleton; the 'width' is set to the length of the actual skeleton effective winding area minus 3-5 mm, and the subtracted data is required when we write the program。

2. When setting the wire diameter, the wire diameter set by the program must be greater than or equal to the actual wire diameter. When it is equal to the actual wire diameter, it is 'closed winding'. When it is larger than the actual wire diameter, it is 'evenly distributed'. 'According to this idea, we can use it flexibly in production and processing.

3, in the processing, some of the enameled wire wrapped around the winding step can not be filled a circle, you must change its 'winding point', the enameled wire around the middle

4。 In the process of processing, the pin position of the transformer must be paid attention to at any time, so as to avoid the occurrence of mistakes in the foot position。

5. After processing, the enameled wire on the stitch must be processed with a blade to prevent short circuit between the two legs.

6. For transformers that require copper shielding, the solder joints must be placed above the skeleton.

7. When the core is fixed, the two cores must overlap. It is forbidden to overlap one of the previous ones. When the ribbon is wrapped, it is tightened with a point force.

8。 Before the immersion of the insulating varnish, the transformer must be tested。 If the unqualified product is reworked in time, the OK product can flow into the next step to do the varnish treatment。

9. When using the vacuum impregnation machine, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation instructions.

10. When using the oven, the baking temperature should not exceed 110 degrees, and the time must be controlled. All transformers must be dried before entering the oven. The product is baked at 80 ° C for 1H and then baked at 100 ° C. Bake for 3 hours. During baking, the adjacent transformers are separated by a distance to prevent sticking.

11。 When testing the finished product, statistics should be performed on the test data。


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