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PQ3230 high frequency transformer

PQ3230 high frequency transformer

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The high frequency transformer is the most important component of the switching power supply. The switching power supply generally adopts a half-bridge power conversion circuit. When working, two switching transistors are turned on to generate a 100 kHz high-frequency pulse wave, and then stepped down by a high-frequency transformer to output a low-voltage alternating current, and each winding coil of the high-frequency transformer The turns ratio determines how much the output voltage is. The most conspicuous three high-frequency transformers in a typical half-bridge transformer circuit: main transformer, drive transformer and auxiliary transformer (standby transformer). Each transformer has its own measurement specifications in the national regulations, such as the main transformer, as long as it is For power supplies above 200W, the core diameter (height) should not be less than 35mm and the auxiliary transformer should have a core diameter of 16mm when the power supply does not exceed 300W.
A transformer is a device that converts alternating voltage, current, and impedance. When an alternating current is passed through the primary coil, an alternating magnetic flux is generated in the core (or core) to induce a voltage (or current) in the secondary coil.
The transformer of the high-frequency transformer manufacturer consists of a core (or core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings, wherein the winding connected to the power source is called the primary coil, and the other winding is called the secondary coil.


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