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How is the magnetic loop coil tested?
- 2019-06-15-

The magnetic loop coil is known by Lenz's law to estimate the total amount of magnetic lines generated by the induced current to prevent changes in the magnetic lines of force. The change of the magnetic field line is derived from the change of the external alternating current power supply. Therefore, from the objective effect, the magnetic loop coil has the characteristic of preventing the current change in the alternating current circuit. The magnetic loop coil has similar characteristics to the inertia in mechanics, and is electrically named "self-inductive". Usually, when the knife switch is turned on or the knife switch is turned on, a spark occurs, and this self-inductance occurs. Highly induced by the induced potential. The inductor has the characteristic of preventing the passage of the alternating current and allowing the direct current to pass smoothly. The higher the frequency, the larger the impedance of the coil.

How is the magnetic loop coil detected?

1。 When the coil needs to be fine-tuned during use, it should be considered that the fine adjustment method requires some fine adjustment in the process of using the coil。 It is very inconvenient to change the number of coil turns。 Therefore, the method of fine adjustment should be considered when selecting。 For example, a single-layer coil can adopt a method of removing the number of trapped coils at the end point, that is, winding 3 to 4 turns at one end of the coil in advance, and when the fine adjustment is performed, the position can be changed to change the inductance. Practice has proved that this adjustment method can achieve a fine adjustment of ± 2% - ± 3% of the inductance. For coils used in short-wave and ultra-short-wave circuits, a half turn is often left as a fine adjustment, and the half-turn is removed or folded to change the inductance and achieve fine adjustment。

2. The fine adjustment of the multi-layer segment coil can be realized by moving the relative distance of one segment, and the number of turns of the movable segment should be 20%-30% of the total number of turns. Practice has proved that this fine-tuning range can reach 10%-15%. The coil with the magnetic core can achieve fine adjustment of the inductance of the coil by adjusting the position of the magnetic core in the coil tube.

3. Use a magnetic loop coil. Care should be taken to keep the inductance of the primary coil in use. Do not change the shape of the coil. The size and distance between the coils, otherwise it will affect the original inductance of the coil. In particular, the higher the frequency, that is, the smaller the number of turns. Therefore, the high frequency coil currently used in television sets is generally sealed and fixed with high frequency wax or other dielectric materials。 In addition, it should be noted that during maintenance, do not arbitrarily change or adjust the position of the original coil to avoid detuning.


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