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Audio transformer manufacturers give you some tips on audio transformers
- 2019-06-17-

In the fields of radio communication, radio and television, automatic electronic control, etc., audio transformers, as an indispensable electronic component, bear the important responsibility of voltage amplification and power output. Today, the audio transformer manufacturer Xiaobian will bring you a little knowledge of audio transformers.

Audio transformer manufacturer's product classification:

Classified by cooling method: dry (self-cooling) transformer, oil immersed (self-cooling) transformer, fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformer.

Classified according to the moisture-proof method: open transformer, potted transformer, sealed transformer.

According to the iron core or coil structure classification: core transformer (insert core, C core, ferrite core), shell transformer (insert core, C core, ferrite core), Ring transformer, metal foil transformer.

Classified by power phase number: single-phase transformer, three-phase transformer, multi-phase transformer.

Classified by use: power transformer, voltage regulating transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, pulse transformer.

Transformer use and precautions

How to use the audio transformer

1。 Before use, you must read the instruction manual of the transformer and the instruction manual of the control box (table)。 Connect the cable according to the instructions, and the grounding wire should be well grounded.

2. The power supply of the dry-type transformer control box (set) is AC 220V and 380V respectively, and is output to the low-voltage side input terminal of the transformer through the voltage regulator. The ratiometric output is continuously adjustable to the rated voltage value。

3. Consider the safety of the dry test transformer and the rigor of the high pressure test to avoid damage to the equipment or test specimen.

4。 When testing the DC withstand voltage or leakage current, the high-voltage silicon reactor and micro-ampere meter can be screwed on the high-voltage output end of the high-voltage test transformer, and then gradually boosted to perform the DC test。

Audio transformer notes:

When doing the withstand voltage test, there are three kinds of sounds due to the electrical distance: "噼啪噼啪": the sound of air ionization。 "zi, zi": It is the sound of air flow. "啪": It is loud and brittle, accompanied by sparks, the sound of insulation (or air) being penetrated.

Generally, the air discharge is divided into three stages. The first stage is ionization. When the electric field is at a large point, it will enter the flow injection stage, and the air will be broken down at a large point. If it is just like the sound of "squeaky" of fried beans, if you can persist for one minute without breaking through, it is in principle consistent with the requirements of the national standard。 If the sound of "zi zi" appears, but it does not penetrate for a minute, it is in fact in line with the requirements of the national standard, but the risk of long-term operation of the transformer with flow injection is greater. The main reason for the high withstand voltage noise is that the air distance between the main air channel (high voltage coil and low voltage coil) is insufficient。 E=U/DE electric field, U voltage, distance between D electrodes, when D is small, E is large, air is at standard pressure, and the resistance field is strong at standard humidity is 0。7KV/mm。 When the electric field is greater than this value, the molecules are easily ionized。 But as long as the air is not broken down, it will not conduct electricity. By the way, the insulation of the main airway of the transformer should not only look at the air, because the high and low voltage coils also have inner and outer insulation。 When calculating, consider the composite insulation。

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