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EI4830 audio transformer

EI4830 audio transformer

Product Details

It is used as a component of circuits such as voltage amplification and power output in radio communication, broadcast television, and automatic control. The audio transformer has a uniform frequency response in the working frequency band, and the core is stacked by a high magnetic permeability material, and the primary and secondary windings are closely coupled, so that the magnetic flux passing through the primary winding is almost all chained to the secondary winding, and the coupling coefficient is close to 1. The lowest frequency of the passband is determined by the inductance of the primary winding, and the highest frequency is determined by the leakage inductance of the transformer。 To ensure that the transformer has sufficient passband, the inductance of the primary winding is large and the leakage inductance is small. The hysteresis loss and magnetic saturation of the core cause signal distortion。 Properly configuring the load and increasing the load current can reduce the influence of hysteresis loss; increase the core section and leave an air gap to make the magnetic circuit not saturated, which can reduce signal distortion.

There are two types of audio transformers:
1, power transformer, the general audio inside is DC, and the mains (electrical on the ordinary socket) is AC 220V, need to be stepped down, rectified and supplied to the audio, if you directly use 220v power will damage the audio components .
2。 It is an impedance transformer。 For some fixed-voltage amplifiers, it is used to connect a horn to make a matching function between the amplifier and the horn。

Output power (VA) model Dimensions (L*H*W) Insulation grade
EI-28 28*27*35 B
1。2-3。0VA EI-35 35*30*35 B
3.0-10VA EI-41 41*35*48 B
10-20VA EI-48 48*40*35 B
20-50VA EI-57 57*50*65 B
50-80VA EI-66 66*57*80 B
80-100VA EI-76 76*65*85 B
100-150VA EI-86 86*72*88 B
120-220VA EI-96 96*82*100 B
220-400VA EI-114 114*97*130 B
400-600VA EI-133 133*112*140 B

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